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Kim Paxton
Rachel Miller
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Originally from NZ, Kim's early training began in Ballet and Modern Dance. Moving to Melbourne at 16, she continued to study Ballet Full time at the Christine Walsh Dance Centre. After her full time studies, Kim was offered a contract to dance with the Guangzhou Ballet Company. After her time in China, Kim relocated to Canada where she obtained her Royal Academy of Dance Teaching Certificate.


Kim decided to pursue Pilates teacher training in 2006, initially training with Tracy Friesen of Integration Pilates Studio (Edmonton). She has since continued her education with several Classical Pilates schools, namely The Pilates Center of Boulder (Boulder and Vancouver), Peak Pilates (Boulder and Melbourne) and Authentic Pilates Education International's Bridging program, under Olga Tamara. She also holds a Diploma in Pilates.

Kim's interest in Pre and Post Natal fitness led to her attaining a Certificate from The Center for Women's fitness (US). She has also undertaken training in complementary therapies such as Myofascial release and trigger point therapy.

Kim is a Blackwood local, having moved to the area in 2013. She is passionate about teaching Classical Pilates to a wide range of clientele, from athletes to deconditioned clients, those recovering from surgery as well as those with neurological conditions such as MS, Cerebral Palsy and Peripheral Neuropathy. She believes the beauty of the Classical Pilates Method lies in it's versatility and ability to modify or challenge the individual depending on their needs. 

Kim holds Principal Trainer status with the Pilates Alliance Australasia, which is the highest level attainable. In 2017 and 2019, Kim was invited to teach class at the biannual Pilates Alliance Australasia Conference.

Kim holds a Certificate 4 in Training and Assessment and is the Head Teacher Trainer for The Pilates Studio Teacher Training, established in 2021. Kim has also recently completed the 'Pilates for Neurological Conditions' course through the Neuro Studio.



Rachel is an Adelaide local and Intensive Care Nurse specialising in Cardiac nursing at the Royal Adelaide Hospital since 2012. Rachel completed her Bachelor of Nursing in 2009 and followed on to complete her Graduate Diploma in Nursing Science (Cardiac Nursing) in 2012. She is a Medication Safety Link Nurse and is on the ECMO (Heart-Lung Bypass) specialist team. 

Rachel’s Nursing profession has its reputation for injuries on the job associated with manual handing of equipment and patients. Rachel came to Pilates via a recurring back injury sustained at work. She decided to attend The Pilates Studio Blackwood, attracted by the boutique offerings and Authentic Pilates training. Rachel attended the studio regularly and over time  discovered a new found body that embodied flexibility and strength as well as less frequency of injury. 


Rachel found Pilates to be a purposeful movement method she could incorporate into her nursing and everyday life. Rachel also continued her Pilates practice throughout her whole pregnancy, up until days as few days of giving birth. Rachel found Pilates paramount in keeping her strong and subsequently supported her ever growing body with little to no pain through strength of core and pelvis.  Rachel recommenced Pilates shortly after giving birth and was able to reconnect with her body to her previous levels of strength.

Rachel started her teacher training in 2020 in order to share the same benefits she had experienced in her own practice to clients.  Rachel completed her APEI Mat Course in 2021 and is currently undertaking her Classical Training through the Pilates Studio Blackwood's training course: The Pilates Studio Teacher Training.  

In Rachels spare time, she enjoys sending time with her young family, going on holidays (near a beach somewhere) and is an amateur green thumb wanting to build a garden for her family and wildlife to enjoy for years to come.  



Leila Morsy is a teacher and writer. She grew up in Paris and has a Masters in Teaching from Columbia University and a Masters and Doctorate from the Harvard Graduate School of Education. After many years of sitting unbelievably still at a desk for all the hours in the world, she found she needed to move. Pilates—the authentic kind that is so close to the source—allows her body to do all the things it was meant to, multiplying pleasure and enjoyment. 



Donna-marie found Pilates after her GP suggested she try it to help her back and shoulder pain. She fell in love with the method and what it could do for the body and mind. Wanting to share the work with others, Donna-marie decided to study to become a Pilates teacher, completing her first certification with Polestar Pilates.


Curious to try Classical Pilates, Donna-marie started classes at The Pilates Studio Blackwood in late 2020 and developed a passion for the Classical Pilates method. After she finished her Contemporary certification Donna-marie senrolled in the bridging program with The Pilates Studio Teacher Training program. Donna-marie is a member of The Pilates Alliance Australasia.


Donna-marie believes that Pilates helps everyone age well because is just as beneficial for the mind as it is for the body. She wholeheartedly agrees with Pilates elder, Romana Kryzanowska, who said that Pilates uses all five parts of the mind: intelligence, imagination, will, memory, and intuition.


Donna-marie is a voracious consumer of audiobooks and podcasts, because, like Pilates, this allows her to move and learn at the same time. She is an avid traveller and enjoys learning about many topics including the history of Pilates, philosophy, and science. She lives in Glengowrie with her husband, daughter, and menagerie of pets.

Leila Morsy
Donna Marie


Laura is a Classical Pilates teacher, yoga teacher, photographer and mother of three. Originally from Canada, she moved to Adelaide in 2011


Laura found Pilates by accident in 2003. Two weeks into her Pilates classes, she remembers carrying her groceries home, feeling like something had changed; they were lighter and easier to carry. She attributed this new way of using her body as a result of her newfound Pilates practice and has been a convert ever since. 


Laura met Kim in 2012 and was introduced to Classical Pilates through her. In 2016 she started Classical Pilates teacher training and have been teaching at the Pilates Studio Blackwood ever since.


Laura is passionate about teaching new clients and getting them excited about the many practical benefits of Classical Pilates and how it can improve their health and wellbeing especially with regards to ageing.



Jane is a Blackwood local with a background in Floristry and small business ownership.

As a young girl, Jane participated in Calisthenics and Netball, which fostered her love of movement.

By 2018, Jane was suffering from multiple netball injuries and with a serious reluctance to give up
her love of netball, Jane found Kim and The Pilates Studio Blackwood.

Jane has loved learning the Classical System of Pilates and re-discovering the joy of movement. Every
part of moving through life (especially on the netball court) is easier thanks to the strength she’s
gained through Pilates.

In 2022, Jane felt led to grow and share her love of Pilates, so began her Teacher Training with Kim.
Jane is passionate and dedicated about watching people succeed with their Pilates practice,
especially watching clients move on to harder, more difficult exercises as they become stronger.

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