Client Spotlight - Nathan

Client Spotlight

Client Spotlight - Nathan

Welcome to our inaugural Client Spotlight Feature! Every few weeks we'll be highlighting the accomplishments of our studio clients. Today, we start with an amazing and very inspiring client I've had the pleasure to teach for over 4 years now...


Nath performing Pull Straps 1 on the Reformer

Pilates has changed my life! 

"I started private sessions once a week with Kim two years ago and it is truly the best decision I have ever made. 

I was born with Cerebral Palsy Diplegia. This basically means I have weakness & stiffness in my lower limbs. I wore restrictive, heavy ankle-foot orthotics (AFO) and suffered from back pain and constant leg aching.  I walk with a walking stick and could only walk for short distances and stand for short periods of time.

I have to say I was quite pessimistic about trying Pilates, I went along only to appease my fiancee who started a few months earlier. The first few sessions were very frustrating. The stiffness in my legs made movement quite difficult and I was quite sore afterwards having used muscles I had never used before. I persisted and started to feel the difference it was making. My back pain and leg aching completely disappeared. I contribute this to the strengthening of the abdominal and leg muscles through the specific exercise that Classical Pilates offers. The pain is something I thought I would have to live with for the rest of my life. 

2 years later, I am stronger than ever.  I have more control over my muscles, I can stand up straighter and overall range of movement is better. I reached my goal to be able to stand up straight and strong on my wedding day and partied the night away with my wife and our loved ones without tiring. 

Recently Kim suggested I try walking more without my orthotics. I was feeling stronger and more confident so I started trying it, just a few days at a time.  This improved my strength and range of movement even more that now I do not need to wear them at all. Something I never thought was possible. I’m now starting to notice muscle growth in my legs which hasn’t been possible using my AFO’s.  I have travelled overseas and walked at least 5km/ day and walked up endless flights of stairs for two weeks.  Admittedly I was pretty sore but I could have never done this before Pilates. I struggled with a short walk around the block let alone trekking all over new York and Boston. 

I am so glad I tried Pilates, it truly has changed my life. I highly recommend The Pilates Studio Blackwood. Kim the owner & instructor is very passionate about her job. She is an excellent instructor and only uses the best quality equipment available. Kim is very accommodating; each session is completely tailored to my specific needs. We often try new techniques, anything that will help me progress and improve my quality of life.

I saw improvements going once a week and have seen double the improvements now I go twice a week. I can only imagine how much change I would see and feel if I could go every day.  It goes to show, even just one hour a week of Pilates can have a significant impact."

Q and A's

What brought you to Pilates and the studio?

Amelia signed me up for a class thinking it would be good for me. The wife is always right! 

How long have you been doing Pilates for?

Since 2015 I think .. so four years 

What has been the biggest change for you since you started?

Complete body improvement really. Greater balance, increased range of movement, better body confidence, and pain reduction.

What would you say to people wanting to get started?

Just to have an open mind and give it a go. It will more than likely be different to most forms of exercise anyone has tried but Classical Pilates is amazing for your overall wellbeing. Even the really difficult exercises have you feeling better afterwards!

Tell us your favourite exercise, why?


Cat Stretch on the Cadillac

enjoy the pull straps because I’m always looking to improve back and arm strength. As well as the cat stretch, which is great for the the hip flexors. Both exercises are great for the posture of someone who sits at a desk all day!! Honourable mention to hanging. Great way to finish a session. 

Tell us your least favourite exercise, why?

Pelvic lift..just no. 

How often do you do Pilates and what kind of sessions do you do?

Two private sessions a week 

Thanks Nath!