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The Pilates Studio Teacher Training - Classical Mat Training


Now taking expressions of interest for our 2022 intake of the Pilates Studio Classical Mat Teacher Training!

Does this sound like you?

  • You love Pilates and would like to take your passion for Classical Pilates into teaching 


  • You’re interested in becoming a comprehensively trained Pilates teacher, but you’d like to start with the Mat training before committing to the Apparatus training


  • You’re a Pilates teacher that wants to dip their toe in the Classical Pilates method, but aren’t ready to commit to a comprehensive training (See our Bridging training option)

This 4 month program is broken down into 4 elements:


  1. Pre Pilates

  2. Beginner System

  3. Intermediate System

  4. Magic Circle Mat and Hand weights


There is also an additional option to continue on to the Advanced System as a separate module if desired.

What you’ll learn:


  • The cornerstones of the technique that make up the Classical Pilates method. 

  • The Classical Pilates Mat Work from Pre pilates - Intermediate with small props.

  • How to break down the exercises and provide modifications for mixed level classes.

  • Hands on cueing techniques to help your clients go deeper into the exercises.


Commitment for the Beginner and Intermediate syllabus:


80 hours, broken into:

  • 15 hours of seminars

  • 25 hours personal practice

  • 25 hours practice teaching

  • 10 hours observation

  • 5 hours (approx) for Anatomy and homework tasks.


Cost: Beginner/Intermediate Syllabus



(payment plans available)

What you’ll get:

You’ll receive a comprehensive manual of the Method, a workbook with activities to help you dive deeper into the method and a basic anatomy training manual. 


As an apprentice teacher, you will have the ability to observe classes (at no charge) and take classes at a reduced fee, you’ll also have access to the studio (during opening hours) to practice in your own time, using our equipment.


Who is your teacher trainer?

Kim Paxton has over 20 year of teaching movement, and 15 years of Pilates teaching. She holds a Professional Trainer status with the Pilates Alliance Australasia as well as a Cert 4 in Training and Assessment. She has been fortunate to learn from Master Teachers from all over the world in the Classical Pilates Method.


This is the only Classical Pilates training available in South Australia, so if you love the method, and you’re ready to commit to your practice, this is the training for you!


Bridging Program

If you’re already a certified Pilates teacher, the Bridge program is designed to give you the knowledge and ability to teach the Classical work, with a commitment of fewer hours 


Breakdown of hours for the Bridging program: 50 hours total

15 hours Seminars

15 hours personal practice

15 hours Practice teaching

5 hours observation (in studio or via video content)


Exams and assessments

At the completion of your hours, you will be required to teach a Beginner and Intermediate level Class to a small group of healthy individuals as well as completing an anatomy test.

Advanced Program

If you’re interested in going further, then the Advanced Mat Syllabus will teach you a wider repertoire to challenge your stronger clients


Advanced Syllabus add on $499



To commit to the program we recommend that you are a strong intermediate level practitioner already, or are willing to put the time into your personal practice to get to this point.


This is also ideal for Pilates teachers from other methods that are already certified (in Mat or the comprehensive system)


Certificate of completion

With the completion of your assessments, hours and homework activities, you’ll receive a certificate of Completion  from The Pilates Studio Teacher Training Mat Program.


Request an Application form by contacting Kim to chat more about the program at

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